Diy Bike Repair Ottawa

Blog04 01-15-News is the boutique now in hours of spring, which means that evenings are open to 09. 30 and Monday evening (which began in the middle of last year) are back! We do not disclose cycles Hi Sunday this year, but our colleagues at the store open on Sundays in April and may for motorcycles and sales of parts and gifts. However. The next Easter weekend to delay some changes: open CS closed Friday, Saturday (10:4), on Sunday, closed cycles and always opens Monday afternoon but not on Monday night. (Get it? Good, because we are confused. ) 2/13/15-the store is closed every Monday from family. 05 15-01 happy new year! The store has reopened its doors after the break. Note Please! Every evening, it works in our diy bike repair ottawa shop for a cheap team leader (using other contributors). We strive to be open hours posted, but needs some other occasions when the mechanical head does not move so no reason (and the replacement in the short-term not found). We appreciate your understanding, if this is done, and I apologize for the inconvenience, .